We are driven by our passion to help our clients build wealth through real estate investment. Whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned veteran, our group of professionals will diligently guide you through the process of purchasing, selling, or developing real property. We not only serve as your exclusive representation, but will provide you with a variety of in depth investment analyses to ensure that you make the right investment decisions.



We help you analyze and dissect every detail of each investment opportunity. Your returns are our bottom line.

We rely on our industry expertise and proprietary market & financial analysis models to advise you on prospective real estate investment opportunities. These models help synthesize large amounts of data to highlight the most pertinent information so that we can effectively advise and guide you through actionable conclusions.


Our team will be in constant communication with you throughout the life of the investment to advise on key business decisions and maximize your returns.


Our relentless approach and uncanny intuition will ensure that we secure you the most coveted investment property.


Once the property is purchased, we will work tirelessly to locate and secure the ideal tenants for the property.


When it comes times to sell, we will leverage our marketing prowess to deliver the lucrative exit you deserve.

Both Mike and Greg exposed me to the benefits of purchasing a duplex rather than a single family home. My wife and I ended up doing just that and couldn’t be happier. Not only is our monthly payment half of what it would have been without a rental component, but we are paying down a larger mortgage and thus acquiring more and more equity by the day. Exceptional decision- thanks guys!

Kyle L.

The team at Class Realty Group is amazing when it comes to investment properties. They advised me to purchase a multi-unit property in Imperial Beach and it has been an incredible investment. They did their homework and knew all of the future development coming to the immediate neighborhood which has significantly increased the local property values since the time of purchase. I was able to refinance at an appraised value 60% higher than my purchase price in two short years without any major upgrades!

John L.

The brand you trust to diligently guide you through the process of selling, purchasing, leasing, or managing property with unrivaled personal service, care, and real estate expertise.